Hobo Black

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Usually the name are Hobo bag, waist bag, sling bag. Our Hobo Vape bag are design specially for your vaporizer stuff. You name it, we made it, you wear it. Our hobo vape bag are great for your collectible item or for your vaporizer stuff place for you to brought all your personal beautiful collection on the go.


  • Constructed from high quality cordura
  • you can found a unique theme of digital camo on our hobo vape bag collection
  • Great for cycling or motorcycling lovers to place their vaporizer stuff and kits
  • high durability belt with strap on for you to wear on your waist or sling it around your body from your shoulder.
  • mini box mod pocket
  • a hanging special little pocket on the inside upper of the bag for your vaporizer kits
  • mecha mod place holder
  • liquid place holder
  • high quality cordura inner lining

This hobo vape bag is a must to have for any vapers around the world.


  • 35 x 15 x 6 cm