Medium AV Tuxedo

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Rp 250,000

Our medium mecha pro carry bags now come with new batch that can hold to carry your electrical mod too is at the ready to help you guys to place your beautiful mod collection on the go.

Anywhere you want to go with your mod to stay clouding the earth, vaporizer stuff and kits our medium mecha pro pouch is your best companion.

- Constructed from a high quality canvas
- semi leather material for the pouch hand grip holder
- high durability metal zipper
- in the inside there are inner lining layer with high quality material
- two main compartement (front and rear of the bag side)
- place holder for mechanical mod
- special pocket with safety strap for electrical mod
- place holder for liquid (30ml bottle and 60ml chubby gorilla bottle)
- a net like special compartement for vaporizer kits.

20 x 9 x 10 cm