LITE Handbag Digital Camo Snow


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Rp 100,000


SFK!Goods Premium to much or to high for you? Don't worry, now SFK!Goods have a son's division, Introducing SFK!Goods LITE, cheaper vape bag, cheaper eLiquid that everybody can afford...

SFK!Goods LITE Handbag Vape Bag, lightweight and easy to brought...
Always on for your daily style, brought your vaporizer stuff and daily pack alltogether at ease :)

LITE Handbag Vape Bag feature:
- 1 webbing compartment for your vaporizer tool kit, cotton or coil
- 2 rda/rta/subtank reserve slot
- 1 reserve battery slot
- 1 electrical mod slot
- 1 mechanical mod slot
- 3 eLiquid 60ml chubby gorilla size bottle slot
- Anti jammed, easy to use iron zipper
- High water resistant

- Outside layer, 100% high quality cordura covered
- Inside layer of main compartment, cordura fabric layered

21 x 4 x 17,5 cm